cat and dog together. pets will challenge your vacuum cleaner to clean up the hair.
vacuuming up pet hair on chair. most vacuums are challenged by this.
long hair dog. pets will challenge your vacuum cleaner to clean up the hair.

How about pets?

  O' yeah, their cute all right. households that have one or many pets can have their own set of challenges for vacuuming. There is a seemingly endless shedding of hair from both pet and owner. (We have two ladies in my home and the hair drifts across the floor in waves and usually winds up in the vacuums brushes) Pet hair is usually shorter, but no less prevalent. Bare floor is usually much easier to clean than carpet and can sometimes be swept with an old fashion broom. Pet hair in carpet is a whole different ballgame. Pet vacuums seem to be in abundance today. It seems the various vacuum manufacturers will stamp "PET" on just about anything today. Usually we have found that the only difference between a "pet" machine and a "non pet" machine is the addition of a "turbo brush"; a small vacuum powered rotating brush that attaches to the end of the hose. These do work great on getting hair out of upholstery, stairs and car seats and carpets and once you have used one of these, you may never go back to the standard upholstery tool.

  Pet machines should have great suction (or airflow, depending on the type of machine), more filtration and the possibility of an anti odor filter or bag, and the ability to easily get to the brushroll to pull/cut out the hair that will wrap itself around the brushroll. The easier the better here, since you will have to do this quite a bit. We have found that bagged machines once again have the advantage here. With a bag, when you pull out the bag you are taking all of the dirt and hair (with the exception of very find dust) with you. No muss, no fuss, just drop the bag in the trash and you are done. No digging the hair out of cup, separator, and filter. And when you dump the bag, you are eliminating most of the smell as well. Pet odors tend to linger in filters, and if they are not rinsable can really reek after a short while. See our section about bag-vs-bagless here.

   Hair may also tend to get caught in the hose assembly and back up sometimes a whole hose length. Some direct air machines like the Sanitaire Bagged upright and Royal Metal tend to eliminate this problem since they have a large throat opening. I rarely, if ever, see these machines blocked up and if they are, it is with a foreign body caught in it.

  Remember, just bacause a vacuum says "pet" on it, doesn't mean it is.



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