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The case for bags

Aren't bags old fashioned technology? Yes, but in spite of all the marketing today pushing bagless technology, in my opinion, as well as the opinion of many experts, they happen to work the best in vacuums,  Bags are much cleaner, and many times an easier method of disposing of dirt collected in your vacuum. When you remove the bag from the machine, you are taking all the dirt with you, unlike filters that hold dust, dirt, and bacteria in the many crevices and cyclone assembly, and you eliminate that dreaded "dirt poof" in your face when you dump your canister. More importantly, if you happed to be indoors when you dump, you release much of the dust back into the air.

"But...I want to see my dirt!" I take it this is because you want to make sure your vacuum is picking up what it is supposed to, but looking in that cup and seeing fur balls of all kinds, dirt and worse, does not excite me personally. I can look at the bulging bag and tell that it is doing the job it was designed for.

Many bagless vacs have 2-4 filters that need to be cleaned frequently and replaced often. This can amount to costs that exceed bag expenses, and sometimes cost more than the vacuum itself. And if the filters are not changed on a timely basis, usually every 3-6 months from most manufacturers, then the motor gets overheated and will shut down and/or burn out. We see this on a weekly basis here in our shop. Also many customers tell me because of this, that they are buying a new bagless machine about every year or so. That gets really expensive in a short amount of time. We have seen that a bagged version of the same vacuum will outlast a bagless version hands down.

We usually sell only bagged machines here at Vacuums Etc, and would invite you in to see the advantages of this "old fashioned technology".



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